I have written a lot about the last two or three years being a time of transition for me. Lately Ascala has come very much more to the fore. He said to me before this process started that there are going to be things happening in my life that if I simply would not believe if he were to tell me. The interesting thing is, I have had to confront myself and realise for myself what is no longer necessary or important in my life or as a medium.

This process has taken me into a no-man’s-land. I have realised that I have to let go of things, to clear out the things that are no longer necessary and put order to the clutter of my mind. In hindsight I can now see why I have had to go through his incredible and arduous process. Ascala has been there at key moments in my life helping me finding the direction I am supposed to follow. As I have made this journey something has happened, I have started to feel a freedom and a sense of wellbeing that has enabled me to make a lot of crucial decisions.

The most exciting thing moving into the next part of my life, I have no preconceived ideas of where it will take me. I do not have any major ideas about the future, I keep an open mind and trust spirit and Ascala – whatever the journey is going to be, in moving house and relocating to another place. It is the same within my mind; I am leaving an old structure and is now building a new spiritual house that will serve my needs for the future.

But, of course, Ascala loves to tease me. He has certainly taught me how to laugh at myself, but this experience has given me much more patience, to be more open and embrace the new purpose of the next phase of my life.

Why do I share these thoughts with you? All you who are seekers of your truth, the same door is there for you should you dare to open it; the door to your mind and your soul. All the changes I have been making have been quite surprising to some, but it was time. Everything has its time and place.

Everybody who seeks with an open mind create their own miracles – to be who they are and what they should become. It is not an easy task, but that is what Ascala has taught me. Take a risk and face your fear! It is okay to make mistakes, it is part of the process.

Covid-19 has stopped humanity in its tracks. Sometimes we need that to happen. It is seemingly through tragedy and crises that we begin to open our minds. Introspection is always very important for every human being who wishes to move on and develop. Whatever this is offering us I do believe you seekers will realise important things about yourselves now. Introspection without demand is another step forward towards realising who we are and our life’s purpose.

Finally, about Covid-19, what I have seen with this virus is that it has brought out the best in many people. And, to all those beautiful souls that work in hospitals and show their dedication and commitment, they deserve all the credit they can get. I do hope we will not forget them!

When you have read this, go and sit quietly and absorb the words these words that Ascala inspired me to write today. Just give yourself time to sit with your feelings and feel them.

/Terry Evans


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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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