Covid19 has put everything on hold, for my own company for instance, I find myself with time on my hands, so to speak. The situation with the virus is not at all pleasant, but it has given me time to focus on other important things that I normally do not have much time for. I do not have to focus so much on work. So, this will hopefully give me an opportunity to think: Where will this take me?

There have been times when I have been inundated with so much work that I have forgotten myself. So, I am going to take the opportunity to be bored. I believe our creativity grows when we are bored. Who knows what ideas will come up? I hope I can motivate myself to use this time. This will definitely give me time to reflect upon the coming move.

“We may feel shut in, but we do not have to shut down,
we can still use our minds and our creativity.

What is happening right now is making a lot of people feeling isolated, but sometimes it is good to be alone with yourself. If we are using involuntary downtime in a productive way it can contribute to alleviate boredom. I remember when I was a kid and how I liked to do jigsaw puzzles. I have a stack of them at home now, so perhaps it is time to open these boxes? It is a very good way of focusing, relaxing and taking your mind away from what is happening for a while. Perhaps I will have more time for cooking and also catching up on my reading? I have a lot of books waiting to be read. This is how I hope to be using this time.

We may feel shut in, but we do not have to shut down, we can still use our minds and our creativity. There are all kinds of possibilities. Out of every bad thing comes good, we shall see what it will be this time. It is surely going to be interesting to see what happens when all this is over.

How are you going to use this time? Perhaps your creativity will awaken and you will learn to be creative with something new?

Whatever you do, try to enjoy the here and now.

/Terry Evans 



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