When I decided to transfer my two remaining courses to the Quality Hotel in Vänersborg. I was wondering how the students would react to being in a different place than to my course centre in Fanthyttan. I had stayed there on a number of occasions and found the service there very good, but that was my personal experience.

Quality Hotel proved to be a very good choice. The way the personnel took care of their guests effected the whole group in a very positive way, from the cleaning of the rooms to the owner himself. They really took good care of us. The course room was a very nice room to work in. There was such a friendliness throughout the hotel. When I asked the students how they felt, if they had any criticism, they said no. It had not taken them long to adjust to the new environment.

It is always a challenge to take a group from one place to another, because not everybody feels change is an easy thing to embrace, but tis Mountain Meditation group responded very well. And it was an absolute delight to work in a place where I did not have to bother about everyday problems as when I was running my school. Now I could just focus on the course.

I would like to say a public thank you to the Quality Hotel in Vänersborg, because of their friendliness and for what they give. The people working there and running it are really service minded people. To all the people at the hotel: Thank you!

We are also planning to have smaller demonstrations in the hotel, starting in October or November. It will be groups of perhaps 50 people. It is a nice group to work with. Being in the central Vänersborg it is also easy for people to get there and to find accommodation if needed.

There are other ideas, like having a Christmas special in the hotel for 100 people and offer some kind of package deal. We still have to finalise the details, but we are working on it right now. I like the fact that it will just be limited to 100 people and afterwards we will have a meal together, so it is like coming to meet Terry. I am just mentioning it now so that you now there will be something exciting happening in the end of November or he beginning of December.

We are also thinking about doing some kind of New Year special around the new year sometime. Something positive to start out the year.

The interesting thing for Astrid and me now is to look for a new home in Vänersborg. If you know of someone who would like to sell, please let me know. We do now wish to live out in the bush, but at the same time I am not interested to live in central Vänersborg. My beloved wife has her beloved chickens that also need a suitable home. So, if you know of a house in a reasonable condition, please contact my us.

For me Vänersborg is a new period of my life, where I will have more freedom to be creative, not having the school and personnel to think of. I am looking forward to making new connections. I am looking forward to this new adventure. I have no idea where it is going to take me and that is the most exciting thing.

/Terry Evans


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