About a year ago I had a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy session with Rita Borenstein. After my session I wrote a couple of articles sharing my experience in my column on Ascala News. This was a life-changing experience for me and that is why I would once again like to share with you all what an impact it had on me. I highly recommend something like this to those of you that would like to have better contact with your soul and to better understand your life’s purpose in this incarnation.

Before the Life Between Lives experience I had with Rita Borenstein I always took my own personal development very seriously, but after that session my mind keeps offering me new realisations, for instance how I have carried mind-sets from previous lifetimes. This has been liberating for me. As those realisations floated up in my consciousness I begun to realise the pain, the disappointment and the fear that I brought through to this life time.

In the first incarnation experience from a life I lived in Germany I could see myself carrying papers that I believe was about research. As far back as I can remember I have always been interested in the mind and how it works. What is the supranatural? What happens in the part of the brain that scientist tells us we hardly use? My life was nipped in the bud in that incarnation, at the age of 22, and in this lifetime my journey continued at the age of 22. That was when I had my first consultation with a psychic medium. The same medium told me many years ago that I would be involved in research, which has come to pass, and with research and the mind I am driven.

In the second incarnation that I experienced with Rita, again we returned to Germany. I found myself to be the member of a family and a regime that did not offer anybody a choice. In this life time I am creative and I want to explore, I want to pioneer. I have a feeling within me that I cannot waste time, I have to accomplish as much as I can. If I am in a situation that gives me the feeling of imprisonment it is very difficult for me. I remember many years ago a psychologist told me: “Once something becomes an institution and you feel confined, without a voice, you will leave the situation.” That can be tracked back to the incarnation during the Second World War. I now understand why I find any form of dictatorship abhorrent.

I was even more inspired when we came to the part where I was actually being taken into the future. As the realisations floated up into my mind it was as if I gained control over my fear and my resistance. This unconscious fear no longer have control over me, as it did before the meeting with Rita.

Meeting Rita started a whole new process within me. It has given my life new strength, new meaning and hopefully a new direction. The journey that she took me on was amazing. It opened up new doors within my mind, and it was very interesting how it also helped me clear some mental and physical blocks that I had, but never realised.

After the session I thought about 40 minutes had passed, but when I checked the clock four hours had passed! I thank Rita once again for the gift that she gave me.

Terry Evans

On the 2 of November you will have the possibility to have a little taste of this at my course centre Gamla Byskolan, as Rita will be joining us to hold an afternoon workshop. Do not miss it! Read more about it here.


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