It is said that past, present and future is all one and the same. Such is the universal intelligence. As for myself as a medium, working with that intelligence opens portals within my mind so that I can go back to the past and into the future. The spirit intelligence has taken me through those portals many times, telling me about my future. I have also been able to predict the future, both consciously and unconsciously.

Spirit has told me that I would meet with controversy because of my work. What I would do would also be met by scepticism from certain people. That has always ben a test, but I have been prepared to meet it. If we do not meet it we do not go any further.

Everything spirit has told me has happened purely because I have allowed synchronicity to work. I have waited for this higher intelligence to offer the opportunities. In many ways I have always been a pioneer, it has been a very strong driving force and still is to this day. I cannot stand still; it does not work for me.

The universal intelligence has given me support in abundance. Yes, my life in this incarnation has been a challenge in many respects, but I have needed both kinds of experiences to draw from. It has not always been easy, but I learned many years ago that if you do not face fear, it will take control over you.

We get so stuck in the past sometimes that we feel trapped, but to move on in life we have to take risks otherwise we will never discover what we have within. Every prediction that spirit has made for me has been 100% correct, but at the time I would sometimes question it: Is this real, is this fantasy?

I have found in my own life that one of the guiding factors is to allow my mind to open to imagination. Through imagination I receive a lot of information. I try to give it a format that is understandable, so that I can communicate it to others.

The most creative force comes through the mind and the source of that information comes from the future. Like with the mediums that told me what I could become and do. I did not push it away, I just waited with the attitude wait and see. When I was ready, they would realise it by using imagination and spontaneity that my ego could not think of.

For me it is a reality that you can be guided by a universal intelligence. I have been and it has opened up areas of my mind that I did not know existed. I watched a film about an inventor, who would go swimming with an open mind, floating in the water. That would offer him the inspiration he needed to create something that would benefit others.

Irrespective of whether people find that I have lost it, or are not interested, I do believe there are many others who will understand. If this touches your imagination or creativity, listen to it. We should not be confined to tradition of how things should be. Mankind is about to undergo a huge transition. What I can see and feel of the future now is that what I do and science, that are linked.

I would like to share more of what goes on within my mind and how it works. I believe that it could open up an incredible resource within the human mind; how we can get closer to the universal intelligence that houses many different kinds of beliefs.

/Terry Evans


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