I often talk about personal development and how I feel it is a key point for all of us working within the spiritual field. I do not believe we can really help other people until we really know ourselves and can meet aspects of ourselves that are not so positive.

Some have asked me: What has psychology to do with mediumship? My answer is: EVERYTHING. I do not believe you can move on until you have worked with yourself. If you really wish to help people you have to play your part in your own emotional development. If you do not understand yourself you can have a detrimental effect on the people that you are trying to help.

I developed quite quickly as a medium, but I realised early on that there was something missing. I had to acknowledge the negative effect of my experience from my childhood. The missing factor was I had not dealt with my own issues. I decided to take the step to work with myself, it was quite a great leap for me. In so doing I realised that I had to face myself and with time I understood it was the biggest and most positive investment to myself and my life.

When I see ads from mediums wanting to give the impression they can solve everything or answer everything, I feel that is so sad. They are dangerous, because in making that statement they do not put any emphasis on the person they think they can help. The only thing is they are creating a state of dependency. Do these people realise what effect they have on people lives? Do they realise what effect it has on their colleagues and their reputation?

People contact me every day to rescue them; tell them what to do. I cannot possibly do that. I cannot help people who do not want to help themselves. Many people just want to be handed it on a plate and let someone who says they can fix everything for them take over. If I had not taken responsibility for my part and met the psychologist or whatever, I would not have made any headway at all. No one can self-analyse themselves. Saying you can fix everything yourself is one sign that will keep people entrapped.

Spirituality is daring to meet yourself and your issues. In some cases we are not even aware of our behaviour and sometimes we do not wish to admit it. I have met those who work as a mediums or healers, believing they are spiritual and thus do not need to work with themselves in any other way. That is very dangerous.

50 years ago, when I started working as a medium, I was not emotionally ready to handle all the issues that went with being a medium. That was a wake up call for me, which I am very thankful for. Why do some people have to hide behind the fact that they know everything and can fix everything? It is just sad and irresponsible. Before they know it, they end up getting stuck in serious situations they do not know how to handle. As a last resort they turn to someone they think can sort it all out for them.

Mindsets takes time to work with. I still work with my issues, for me that is a life time journey. We need to be much more honest about who we are.

I send this out as a wake-up call. I share what I think and feel after 50 years of experience.

It will be interesting to see what questions this brings up to the surface. Please make your comments on the blog!

/Terry Evans


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