Many people have asked me what spirit have to say about what is happening in our world at this moment in time. These are the words that Ascala has offered me:

“It does not really matter where it came from, the source of the virus, this is a very important lesson for mankind. One thing I have taught you, Terry: If you, humans, do not take care of what you have to deal with it will bring you back to the same chaos again and again, which of course will not serve your lives purpose or your soul. This is what will keep on happening to mankind until you learn.”

It might sound harsh, particularly if you have been affected by the virus on a very personal level, but fact remains, we cannot continue in the same manner as before. Borders does not stop the virus; it does not need a passport. The development of present-day travel, is what has helped this virus to spread so quickly. The so-called establishment of the world did not even see this coming.

We can never eradicate what is happening to our world today. It is all because of our failure to take responsibility. For years and years, we have heard talk about pollution, ecosystems being affected, our health being affected… but the political order of things never seems to change. We have all almost become indifferent to the consequences we are now facing. One thing I do believe is that this beautiful world “of ours” is neglected, we have made it sick, all with the purpose of building empires. I could make a long list of things that are wrong…

“We are supposed to be the intelligent creatures of this world,
so let us use this intelligence!

There are those that say this virus was started as a way of controlling people, or that it was spread from a laboratory by mistake etcetera. But, as Ascala said, whatever the case, what is happening right now is a very important wake up call for mankind. Everything that is happening is a clear warning: It is time to move on and let go of old mindsets that no longer serves us.

Globally we now need to create a new order that actually works. I do not have a solution or suggestions, but Ascala has taught me that change cannot be forced. In order for positive change coming to being the answer can only come from ourselves. We shall see what happens. There are many souls in this world who long for change. We are supposed to be the intelligent creatures of this world, so let us use this intelligence!

It will be really interesting to see who dares challenge the established order that no longer works. I do believe we can learn something from this. Those that do step forward and want to make change will hopefully pioneer new ground, sowing their seeds of a new philosophy and make the ground fertile and productive again.

I have said it before, it is time for us to work together and stop squabbling like children in a sandbox. A conflict about who is right or wrong never solves anything.

/Terry Evans



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