After all these years it still amazes me what some people think I can do. It is almost as if they see my mind as some kind of archive where I have all the answers. This is simply not true. My job is not to have all the answers to everything. I can only answer things that I have experienced myself, but I do try to reach out to as many people as I can.

In my own work the first 15 years was about learning and creating a base within myself, that worked for me. I do my best to answer questions for myself and sometimes make comments to share with others here on my blog. I try to build a bridge to you, but what I have to say is not everybody’s cup of tea.

I continuously try to inform people that we all have all the answers within. People wish to know what I think about the future and the world. I am aware of what is going on, but it is time for all of us to become more responsible for what we do to this earth to take part in making a change. Don’t you think it is time for mankind to take responsibility themselves? We can all play a small part, what kind of food we eat, the things we buy etc. I am becoming more and more aware. We are going through a period of change and many politicians have also awaken the last few years.

Predictions have been made about global economy, war and environment. What has been predicted is all happening around us right now. I do not know how long it will take, but it makes me glad to see more and more people awakening. It is not just down to one person change things. We have to work together!

We all have our own unique course, but is it not funny that we are not able to build bridges between us? It is all about communication with one another, about sharing and compromising. When are we going to learn that? Compromise is something that us human beings actually are not that interested in. We want things our own way.

I do believe we can learn to work tighter, but we are not quite there yet. People want everything to be the way it has always been. It is hard to accept that things are changing. The only way things can be achieved is to create a middle ground where people can meet.

Try to listen to people that you do not quite understand or would socialise with, meet half way and listen carefully, with both ears. You will find it works. I remember a banner in a classroom when I was little: “We are all gods creatures living under the same sky.” We are all equal, we are all people and no one is better than the other.

When we want change, we wait for someone else to do it. Think about what you could do to change things, to contribute to creating a better world?

I leave you with those thoughts. I would be very interested to hear your feedback. Thank you!

/Terry Evans



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