For me this Covid19 has woken me up, my mind and my thoughts. With each day it is making me realise what is valuable to me. In a work situation foremost, it is the people who work with me. I could not have expected more loyalty.

It has made me realise areas of vulnerability that I have not been as aware of before. Something that keeps coming back again and again is the fact that I am of a risk category because of my age. I do not see myself like that, even though I am 71 years old.

All this talk about age has made me realise what an amazing journey I have had through life. This has even made me value myself more, so I do believe, when my time comes, I can leave this life with a sense of achievement. I can say I did not do everything right, but I did my best. I also know I will be going to a better place. Of course, I do not feel I am quite ready to finish my life as Terry yet. I have realised that there are things that I would like to develop and can continue to develop and I am quite excited about that. But I can never assume that I am exempt, that my life supposedly is more important than anyone else’s.

Having said that I would like to add that I am not giving up in any sense, I refuse to live in fear or to allow my feelings and wishes to be diminished. As I write this it is a message to everyone out there, please do not drown in an ocean of negativity. Take a look at all the good things in your life, everything that brings laugher, joy and creativity into your life. Do not allow yourself to fall into negativity and dwelling.

As I read your comments feelings come up within me. I have realised that if we can continue sharing, we can become collectively united. When something like that happens, with a purpose of giving and sharing, it makes us stronger. In this moment in time, just by our attitude and what you contribute: Be proud of yourself! Whatever you have written on my blog, for instance, when you have stepped up and given your comments – from your heart – you will never know how that has helped someone else. In essence, what we are doing is sending out a very powerful frequency, consciously or unconsciously that can help people realise how worthwhile their lives are, and perhaps make them realise all the positive things that life has given them.

If we can continue to share, we will create a very powerful dynamic that will have a magnetic effect, so let us see this as a journey. We do not know where it will take us, but the most important thing is what it will give us along the way. When you speak from your soul you speak from the light.

/Terry Evans


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