As I write this, I feel a strong presence of my guide, Ascala.

Most people visiting a medium, have this idea of who they wish to come through to them and what answers they wish spirit to give. I make it very clear when people come to me that I do not decide. Spirit already knows everything about you. So, they will give you what they think is appropriate for you and your life. You may not be satisfied, but the information you receive is what you need to look at and work with. The spirit world does not answer questions on demand, they base the information on where you are in your life. It is our own responsibility to work out our problems. Many of them we also create ourselves. Spirit is not there to sort things out for us; we have to think for ourselves. We are responsible for our individual development.

It is very easy for mediums to say what a client wants to hear, but that is of course not good. Some people leave my sessions with a feeling of disappointment. If we meet disappointment, we may find that we are a victim of our own expectations and demands.

Interestingly enough I have had people coming back to me after many years saying: “I did not understand the information at the time, but now I do. I changed and then I understood that spirit was giving me a key.” Very often we need to research the information or digest it. After a period of time we will have our questions answered through self-realisation.

Then there are also those who come back to me telling me nothing seems to have changed in their lives since the previous reading. They did not really want to make any changes or leave their comfort zone. To make positive change come about in our lives personal responsibility is very important. Spirit cannot change your life, they can give you indications, but you always have to play your part in order to change things.

The people that go to a medium with an open mind are far more receptive to what spirit wishes to say to them. The content quite often is about giving the recipient hope. All of a sudden, they understood that they had a future with purpose.

The information I received myself in the early part of my life proved to be correct. Spirit told me about my future and my potential. The information offered me very good guidelines. In many respects it led me to where I am today. The pieces of the puzzle fell into place one at a time.

There are many good mediums, doing some very good work. If you decide to go to a medium, go with an open mind and take what you received away with you in the archives of your memory. If you retain an open mind the answers will come with the process of time.

My friend Ascala smiles, thanks me for the help and then he disappears.

/Terry Evans


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