What is spirituality? It can be so many things. Spirituality for me is not just connecting with a higher resource or meditating. It is about giving and showing concern for those who need help. We live in a beautiful world, but so very often we forget that we have responsibilities. We do not give back to the earth that give us so much. We just take what we are given for granted.

I am no expert on climate change or such like, but over the last few months I have become increasingly worried. I am asking myself: What more can I do to play my part in this world that we live in?

Last weekend I was in Sunne with a group of friends. We spent the weekend exploring, discussing and meditating. Before travelling back, we stopped in a beautiful place to have lunch. Then as I was sitting there something on a bench caught my eye. Someone had been drinking beer and left two empty cans. Two meters away from this bench there was a rubbish bin. Perhaps it is not my responsibility to pick up after other people, but for me it was not a big deal walking over there and picking the cans up and throw them away.

To see these two empty beer cans in this beautiful environment, it just made me question peoples’ attitude. Something that simple. It is so hard to understand.

We see so much pollution in the form of rubbish along the roads of this beautiful country. Anyone can understand that it is not good for our nature, but what effect will that have on our wildlife? On us? An animal could hurt itself on a sharp tin. Animals and environment are a crucial part of our planet. We have to care whenever we can. Small gestures create a ripple effect and become something bigger.

We are the ones creating all the debris and the chaos. Not the animals, not nature. They just respond to us. The way in which we treat animals and nature also says a lot about our personality. If we do not take our responsibility, we are sending out the signal: I do not care, and that is how we can be with one another: We do not care. We do not have time. We have other things to do. We have ourselves to think about.

We have stopped communicating with one another in many ways. Our words have no feeling. Giving another person a little bit of your time is also important. To believe in God or a higher power is to acknowledge it, but that is not spirituality. It is what you do in your everyday life.

We are given opportunities to do something every day, but do we see these opportunities. There are many ways of caring for people and animals, but if we could do one small thing when given an opportunity, we are being responsible for our planet, our lives and nature. This is spirituality for me.

This is how I try to live and think. Be aware of what is going on around you. If you can see one small thing that you have the possibility to do that will make a difference for someone else, then do it. When we do these little things, I do believe we respect the world we live in. I think it will be hard for us to change as a collective until we as individuals start observing and taking responsibility for these “small things”.

/Terry Evans



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