My father disappeared from my life when I was five years old. As an adult, one night I had a dream and in the dream my father said to me: “Why do you want to meet me?” My answer was: “I just want to know who you were.” I awoke from the dream and there my father was standing in the bedroom, and I said: “Are you dead or alive?”, but he did not answer. He gave me information of how I could find him and what road I would drive along to meet him, once I had done my own research and found more information. I followed this information, and to cut a very long story short, everything he had given me proved to be correct, but it took time to piece it all together.

About eight weeks later I found myself travelling along the road he had said I would be travelling on that would take me to the county of Essex. I was going to meet half brothers and sisters that I had never met before when I first contacted these half brothers and sisters, they told me my father had passed over in 1985.

The most interesting thing was, I had found my father and he had found me. We had made that connection that I believe gave us both peace of mind. The emptiness I had felt as a child up until meeting him had disappeared, because of that meeting my father became a part of me.  From that day, from time to time he comes to visit me. He talks to me or gives me advice.

Once I started working for TV, I realised that I still had the ability to convey information that could help solve a mystery or give answers. In doing so I have been given feedback that as a result of my investigations people have found peace of mind and been able to move on. It has proved to be a valuable experience for me in terms of developing my own skills. That is why I will be starting a project with this theme in Ascala News, I am eager to see how far it will take us. Hopefully with my abilities as a medium I can assist others in solving mysteries from the past, whether it is a historian or an archaeologist, or an individual looking for someone from the past.

Terry Evans

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Terry Evans interest in parapsychology and mediumship began at an early age. His first encounter with an actual spiritualist medium came at the age of 22, when he was given his first private consultation by a medium. The effects of that experience were to prove to be a turning point in his life, offering new realisations. These realisations motivated Terry to develop his own inner potential of mediumship and intuition.


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